You may choose one of the fixed-price package options listed below, or if you prefer, a quotation can be provided for more specific requirements.

All prices are GST exclusive.

“Standard informational” site (up to 6 pages from $599)

This package provides the following:

The limits to pages and images noted above are based upon the premise that the pages will (on average) contain no more than 750 words of provided copy text, with reasonably typical formatting requirements.

Should your needs diverge significantly from the scope of this offer, either in terms of basic limits stated, or by way of additional features or work, a customised quotation can be provided.

Basic/starter site (2 – 3 pages from $349)

A basic web presence in 1 – 2 weeks (from when all required information and/or content is provided), with a minimum of input required on your part.

This is ideal for the smaller business with only basic requirements, or for those wishing to take a staged approach to the project — your initial website can be added to as your time and resources allow.

What is provided for in this package is a smaller site, consisting of a “home” page, a “contact details” page, and optionally, another page of your choice (for which you provide the content).

Image processing is limited to 6 photographs, in addition to your company logo (to be provided). Basic layout and theme customisation can be performed, to suit your requirements.

Need a website in a hurry?

Perhaps you’re booking your next Yellow Pages display ad? Or having a vehicle sign written, a new batch of letterheads printed …

Instead of missing the opportunity to include the URL of the website you intend on creating, you can relatively quickly and inexpensively register a domain name, ensuring that it is reserved, and from there, provide the appropriate web address. This can be done prior to developing the site, if necessary, to ensure any deadline is met.

As an interim measure, either a minimal “holding page”, or the “basic/starter” site option described above can be used to ensure that anyone visiting the site in the meantime finds something more useful than the generic “parked domain” page typically provided by the domain registrar.

Domain registration

Domain names can be registered inexpensively (typically no more than $20/pa for “” domains) via various registrars. If required, assistance to register your domain can be provided.

Note that many businesses have already registered a domain name to allow the use of customised e-mail addresses, and/or to protect the name from registration by competitors etc. In this case, the existing domain would normally be used for your new website.

You can read more about domains here.

Google set-up

Depending upon your requirements, assistance with basic set-up of Google “Webmaster” account, analytics tracking, and Google+ “Local” listing (if applicable) can be provided.

Website photography (from $75)

A basic website photography service can be provided for customers in the in the greater Invercargill area.

The images section of the content guidelines page provides some additional suggestions and information on images for your site.

Maintenance & hosting service

Your site will be hosted on a New Zealand based server for improved performance (and also to increase the likelihood of search engines regarding your site as being local).

The maintenance service provides for up to 15 minutes of time monthly, for minor site updates and administrative tasks. If unused, in any one month, a single 15 minute allowance may be carried forward one month, and combined into a 30 minute session. Any additional time will be billed at the normal hourly rate.

A “design only” option (without the associated maintenance and hosting service) is available, but incurs an additional one-off charge of $75 + GST. In this case, the site files will be provided to you in a form suitable for upload to your web host. Any subsequent administrative activities or changes undertaken beyond this will be billed at the normal hourly rate.

General requirements & limits

Additional pages and content, beyond the limits provided for by these offers, can be accommodated at a competitive rate (either at the time of the initial design, or incrementally, as required). Unlike some other website services, there is no artificial requirement to “upgrade” to some expensive plan to do this!

These offers do not include custom logo design. If you do not have an existing logo, a simple text banner may be used, or you may consider having a logo professionally designed (which can be used for all your branding — business cards, letterheads, signage etc.)

Terms & Conditions

The general terms and conditions apply to all offers.

How to proceed

It is recommended that you read the Content creation and submission guidelines; which provide some insight into what information will be required, and issues to consider.

Please contact me to book your site, or if you have any questions.