Incognito Computer Services Ltd

Incognito Computer Services Ltd is the registered company used by Ian Stewart for contract IT work since 1997.

A relocation to Southland also brings a change in focus, specifically to web related services. The “Are you Visible?” promotion is all about visibility, not being incognito, after all!

The idea of promoting a web package for small businesses was prompted by the difficulty in finding much information on the web, and the observation that many of the businesses were only represented by a listing from Finda, or various other directories.

It became clear that there was a need, so here’s one solution! This website will be developed further in the coming weeks and months; in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Photo of Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart

Before launching this web promotion, I have been heavily involved in IT, primarily in the retail sector. A four year stint overseas involved working for a security company in England, and Apple Computer in Cupertino.

I have been involved with the set-up (behind the scenes) on one of the earliest major retailer e-commerce sites in New Zealand.

My approach to web development is primarily focused on the business objectives, and achieving them at a realistic price.